Come in for a fix.
Be addicted to massage.
Feel wonderful.


I’ve often heard my regular clients say that they are addicted to massage – total junkies. It’s a huge part of their lives. They crave that feeling of being squashed and squeezed and squashed and squeezed. Undoubtedly, in part from the endorphin release. Our own natural happy pill, that when tapped into, replenishes the exhausted, depleted body with a wonderful new sense of joy and balance. It's the best!


I too am addicted to giving massages. A physiological thing happens in my body that relaxes me, lowers my heart rate, and grounds me when I work. I don’t feel well if I go to many days without giving a massage. It’s a happy fix that I crave. I too am a complete massage junkie.

I'm so glad you found [FIX] – now be sure to tell only your favorite friends.
Mona Egan

At home, or on the go

 Located in a beautifully renovated historic circa-1913 mill office, our comfortable massage suite is a hidden gem that we feel so lucky to have found and a relaxing sanctuary for our clients to enjoy.

We are also available to travel for work on film sets and at other venues.

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Treat conditions

In addition to relaxation, we offer an array of massage therapy services to help remedy persistent pains caused by previous injuries, overuse, tension, strain and stress. It is our passion to help lessen and eliminate any unrelenting pain and discomfort that many people are convinced will be part of their lives forever.
Regular massages at [FIX] can treat many symptoms from back-ache to repetitive strain, to Plantar Fasciitis. 

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